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Taking a Stand

On Friday April 30, 2010, the YWCA launched it’s  third annual nation wide “Stand Against Racism” event. The message was a reminder that racism (defined as predjudice plus power) still exits in our communities and in the society at large.  … Continue reading

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Turtle Island: Let The Healing Begin

United States Senator Sam Brownback (R-Kansas) read a congressional resoulution on Wednesday, May 19th, apologizing for “ill conceived policies” and acts of violence against American Indians.  On December 19th of 2009 President Obama signed an apology into law but no … Continue reading

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Will The Empire Strike Back?

Let me state from the beginning that I am in no way advocating a military solution to dealing with North Korea. What I am advocating for is a consistency in our foreign policy. Perhaps we are reluctant to respond to … Continue reading

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Lessons From The Past

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse in Tuscon, Arizona Govenor Jan Brewer has done it again!  She is nothing if not consistent. Gov. Brewer has signed a bill targeting one school district’s ethinc studies program, ignoring condemnation … Continue reading

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“The Don’t Ask , Don’t Tell Bill”

The initiative to lift the ban on gays serving openly in the military has survived another skirmish in the House and will now move on to the Senate. Now the real battle begins. I must admit that I really don’t … Continue reading

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Signs (and Symbols) Of The Times

We live in a time where a by the name of Tiger Woods, who identifies as multiracial is the dominant player in a sport which has been traditionally dominated by white men. We live in a time where two sisters … Continue reading

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