Orlando and Beyond: Keep Your Heart Open

As I write this column our nation is reeling from the senseless act of domestic terrorism that happened inside a night club in Orlando, Florida on Sunday, June 12th, 2016. When the dust settled, forty nine people were dead and fifty three  were wounded. After weeping for the loss of life in private, there was a part of me that had to acknowledge that this happens everyday in some nations across the globe and now we too get a taste of what others experience.  I felt this way after witnessing the events of September 11, when I was living in NY. This does not make it right by any means, but it does once again show just how small our planet is and how we are all a part of the interdependent web of life which our 7th principle affirms. In other words, what I do to my brother or sister I do too myself.
Having said this,  keep in mind that there will be those who will attempt to exploit the event and the vulnerable communities that are LGBTQ and Muslim. Resist this temptation at all costs! Do not let the fear and anger consume you. Keep your heart open for it matters not how many doors close against you as long as your heart is open. Listen with more intent to your neighbor or family member in the days ahead.  Cultivate compassion. Soak up the sun just a bit more and really see what nature has to offer us in this beautiful part of the country that we live in. Show gratitude for what we have, because tomorrow is never promised to any of us. Death smiles at each and every one of us and all we can do is smile back.
And in your grief, remember that life goes not backwards but forwards. There will always be those forces who want to hold on to some illusion of yesterday. These individuals see a world that is changing and they are full of fear for their vision, (whether it be just an illusion or not) is gradually drifting away. They will fight ruthlessly  and mercilessly for their version of reality of how they believe the world should be. For those of us who want a more peaceful and equitable co-existence with our planet and each other, it stands to reason that we too must fight as well, perhaps with a bit more mercy and compassion, for  our vision of what we think the planet should look like as well. For life does indeed go on, but tragedy’s like this wake us up to the preciousness and the fragility of our lives, so that we may live the remainder of our days in deep appreciation and in gratitude.
We are in a strange season of pain in our nation and on the planet. The bottom cannot hold for a new world is being born and these birth pangs must occur. We struggle as human beings to make sense of it all. But just as the earth has her seasons, so we too have our personal seasons,the Seasons of the Self. Writer Max Coots reminds us:
If there is any sense to seasons it is this:
That time is timeless and time is life.
Not Spring nor Summer, not even Fall is gone.
Each will be what it becomes, as Winter will be Spring.
      — Max Coots  (Seasons Of The Self)
So, Hang in there. Don’t forget to breathe. Keep your heart open. Walk in Balance!
Hang in there
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The Mystery of Life

The Mystery of Life


No matter how well intentioned, we cannot know what is good for someone else. Life is a mystery. The Danish Christian philosopher Soren Kierkegaard reminds us that Life is not a problem to be solved, but a mystery to be lived. He also said that life is lived forward but could only be understood backwards. Kierkegaard was a very wise man.  I will use two stores to illustrate my point. A poor Chinese farmer who only had one broken down work horse to help him do his work. One day his horse got loose and ran away. His neighbors came around to offer their condolences on his bad luck, yet the farmer would only say, “Good luck, bad luck. It’s hard to say.” A week later, the horse returned, bringing with it five young stallions. Again, the neighbors convened to empathize with the farmer, this time to share their delight at his good fortune. Still, the famer simply said, “Good Luck, bad luck. It’s hard to say.”

The farmer’s young nephew was working to tame the wild horses and about a month later, the nephew fell and broke his leg. The neighbor’s came to commiserate, but still the old farmer would only reply, “Good Luck, bad luck. It’s hard to say.” Two weeks after the accident, war was declared and every able bodied young man was conscripted. The old farmer’s nephew was exempted because of the broken leg, so he was not involved in the battle in which every other young man from the village was killed. Good news, bad news. It’s hard to say.

The second illustration is a bishop on an ocean voyage who passed by a small island inhabited by three hermits. The bishop asked for the opportunity to go meet these men, and it was arranged.

As he spoke with the hermits he asked about their prayer practice and they replied, “ We pray as we always prayed— you are three, we are three, have mercy on us.” The bishop was horrified and proceeded to teach them a proper prayer— The Lord’s Prayer as taught in the Gospel of Matthew.  It took nearly all day, but as the sun was setting the hermits seemed to have the prayer fairly will memorized and the bishop returned to his ship feeling quite good about himself and his endeavor.

That evening, he awoke to the sound of shouts on the deck. He immediately went topside only to see a golden glow moving toward him across the water. As it got closer, the bishop was amazed to see the three hermits, surrounded by a nearly blinding aura running on top of the water.  “Reverend Father,” they called out, “ we are terribly sorry to trouble you, but soon after left we realized that we could not remember precisely the prayer you taught us today. Please return to teach us again.”

The bishop did return, but this time to learn rather than to teach.

Peace To All




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Election Season 2016

I am always somewhat amused when it comes to election season in this great land of ours, especially this year. There are many reasons for this, but for me personally, I am always intrigued when Americans seem to think that one individual with change all of the social, economic, political, ecological, and yes, even military challenges that face our nation and the world.

Now voters will never really come out and say that this is what they expect, but it sure seems to me that this is what their asking. It’s an impossible and unrealistic expectation in my humble opinion. We have a two party system in this nation. You get more choices when you purchase a pair of jeans. We have two political parties in this country and these two parties, both beholden to corporations, are supposed to somehow satisfy all of the needs of the people of this nation (and if you believe in the myth of “American Exceptionalism”) the entire globe. “Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished,” to coin a phrase Shakespeare’s, Hamlet, The Prince of Denmark.

Be that as it may, many of us get so caught up in the passion of the politics of the day, that instead of focusing on what is right, we argue over who is right. We can all respectfully disagree as human beings, can’t we? I’d like to think so. As a member of the Unitarian Universalist clergy, I am reminded every day that we don’t all have to think alike to love alike. There is an inherent worth and dignity in each and every human being. Let’s not lose sight of this as citizens of this nation and as citizens of the earth. As Universalist Minister Hosea Ballou so insightfully phrased it:

“If we agree in love, there is no disagreement that can do us any harm, but if we do not, no other agreement can do us any good.”

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My new book, The Metaphysics of Spiritual Healing and The Power of Affirmative prayer is now available on Amazon.com and Barnes and Nobles. In fact, all four of my books are available now. My last 2 books are not in the UFO category but are heavily influenced by my experiences. Again, thanks to all for your continued support.
Keep Looking Up!


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Greetings to All!!!

Its been awhile since the Contact in The Desert Conference. It was an awesome experience that I shall not soon forget. The best part of the conference for me was connect with so many like minded people in such a wonderfully energetic environment— The Joshua Tree Desert.
Since then, new book will be released in a few days. It is not about UFOs this time around, instead I have written a different kind of book. It is a 30 day meditation manual, entitled, “God Consciousness: A 30 day Meditation Manual for God-Centered Thinking. It is published by Grave Distractions Publications and I will post when it is available.
Secondly, if you go type in Rev. Michael J Carter on YouTube, all if not most of my interviews will show up! Thank you all for your continued support. Remember, Keep Looking Up!

Live Long and Prosper,

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Contact In The Desert

I have been asked to speak at The Contact In The Desert UFO Conference in Joshua Tree California. The conference begins on May 29th, 2015 and goes until May 31st. I am deeply honored to be invited and to be among so many distinguished speakers. If you go to the website: Gravedistractions.com, there is a change to win a free pass to the conference. Hope to see you there! Keep lookin’ up.

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New Beginnings April 9, 2015

It’s the season of rebirth and renewal, the season of Spring! I have certainly been experiencing these changes on both a professional and personal level. Both books are selling well and for that I am ever grateful. That being said, I have been invited to speak at “The Contact In The Desert” UFO Conference on Memorial Day Weekend, May 29-31, 2015 in Joshua Tree California. I am honored to be invited to speak. Hope to see some of you there!

In meantime,let’s not forget that disclosure is occurring around us all the time. Not just regarding Star Visitors and their craft, but the disclosure that is happening within each and everyone of us as we move onward and upward in our inner transformation. Getting rid of anti-life ideas and attitudes and which disclose the love and serenity residing just beneath the surface of our inner lives. Be well. Stay strong. Peace to all.
Live Long & Prosper,

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My New Book

My new book, A New World If You Can Take It: God, Extraterrestrials and The Evolution of Human Consciousness, will be available on Amazon.com, on October 13th, 2014. Early request for the Kindle or Nook edition can be ordered now on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles. I will also be appearing in several episodes of season 7 of the History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens” television series, beginning this month ( September) and the month of October. These are all new episodes so please tune in and thank you for your support.

I will also be appearing at the Edgar Cayce A.R.E’s Annual Ancient Mysteries Conference 2014, the weekend of October 9-12 in Virginia Beach, VA. My talk will be given on Saturday Morning at 11 am. Its not too late to purchase tickets. Hope to see you there!

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It is Finished—I Think

Well, it’s official. At least to me it is. I have completed my second book and I have sent the manuscript to my publisher to have a go at it. My publicist, Mr. Mark Eddy, who also happens to have a degree in English Literature has done the bulk of the editing for which I am eternally grateful. The title of the book is, “A New World If You Can Take It,” and it is a quotation from an Star Visitor to a military man when asked by the soldier what the visitor had to offer the inhabitants of planet earth. The reply has stuck with me all these many months when I had heard the story told by the military officer. The now deceased officer’s name was Colonel Phillip Corso. Colonel Corso is the author of the book, The Day After Roswell. Perhaps you have heard of it. If not, I commend it to you highly.
My second book attempts to take humankind to the next steps in coming to grips with the the fact that the so called “God” of the bible is an Extraterrestrial being and not the Supreme Being or First Cause that we have been raised to believe in. Does this mean there is no energy or intelligence in the cosmos? I argue no. A new paradigm is in order and what we know about how the cosmos is ordered must be seriously reconsidered. Change is difficult but necessary. Humanity’s childhood phase is over. A New World is indeed being born—If we can take it!!!

I have not get up with writing on this page much as life has been full and I have also been lazy. When the book is ready for release I will no doubt let it be know on this blog site. I am looking forward to the response. As we enter the month of September, we know that Autumn is not far behind. Its my favorite time of year. I hope you all have had a wonderful summer, with time for rest and rejuvenation. I thank you all for your support with my first book and I hope you find the second book just as intriguing and satisfying.

Keep Looking Up!


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Beyond Belief

I just returned from a wonderful trip to Boulder, Colorado to tape two 30 minute segments of George Noory’s TV show “Beyond Belief.” The show appears on Gaiam Television. I don’t get to travel out west often and the Rockies and the surrounding areas were absolutely beautiful. I landed at the Denver airport where a car was waiting to take to the Boulderado Hotel, which was a roughly 35 minute drive to Boulder.
The Hotel was very nice and the people friendly.

After doing a bit of shopping for Judy and Kevyn, we taped the show on a Sunday and I ran into the multi-talented radio host, Heidi Hollis, who was gracious enough to have had me appear on her show last year and was also on the set to tape a TV segment as well, unbeknownst to me. What a pleasant surprise. I also happened to have had a radio interview schedule for Tuesday, April 1 when I arrived back home. My publicist, Mark Eddy, had set this interview up for me last winter in December of 2013. Well, the wonderfully talented psychic and talk radio host, Solaris BlueRaven, happened to live near the hotel I was staying in and we got together for a wonderful conversation as well. I really believe it helped the interview on Tuesday evening because we met over the weekend and had a blast along with Heidi over a bite to eat. There was an ease and flow
to the 2 hour interview that may not have existed had we not met before hand,but who knows? Anyway, it was great fun.
It was fun to also get away for awhile and to see a beautiful part of this great land of ours. We could not have planned this any better if we had done it intentionally. A good time was had by all and yet more proof ( as if more proof were needed) that there is intelligent life in the cosmos.

A special thank you to Mr. George Noory who started me on this journey in the first place. Mr. Noory invited me on the TV show after I appeared on his radio show a week or so ago. However, it was not to be for another 6 months to a year as they book that far in advance, unless of course a guest happens to cancel. Well, someone did cancel and within a week of my appearance on his radio show, I was invited to appear on his TV show. Fancy that.
Again, I would like to thank all who have been so supportive of me and my work during this hectic and exciting time. Thank you for purchasing my book and following my radio appearances. Blessings to you all and keep looking up!


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