UFOS: The Hidden Evidence

Yesterday, while searching the internet (instead of working at my desk at the church) I came across a clip from the show I shot in August of last year. A few friends had congratulated me over the last few days as they said they had seen the show but I had not as I only have basic cable. I did not even see it listed while channel surfing over the last few weeks; at least not until a few days ago while watching TV.  Anyway, I finally saw a clip entitled, Mesoamerica Visited By Aliens on Youtube and it just happened to be one that I had worked on! Again, the show is UFOS; The Hidden Evidence and it  airs on the American Heroes Channel and it may be on tonight (Tuesday) at 8 pm but check your listings. Maybe I should get my cable turned back on 🙂

Peace to all,


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Spring is on the way!

As I write this on Feb. 17, 2017, the weekend promises to bring temperatures close to 70 degrees. I’m sure we still have some wintry weather left to experience but spring is on the way. Besides suffering from hay fever, I look forward to the change of seasons.

I am also enjoying serving as an adjunct professor at Western Carolina University this semester, from January until May. The class is called Cross Cultural Dialogue and I am working with grad students who are going into the counseling field. Its been fun.

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Rescheduling of TV Series

Greetings All,

I heard from on of the producers yesterday, January 12, 2017, that the show, UFOs: The Hidden Evidence, is now supposed to air sometime in March as opposed to the January 24th, 2017 premiere that was originally planned. The show is still scheduled to air on The American Heroes Channel. I will keep you posted and thanks for your continued support, patience, and understanding.


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Events for the New Year 2017

The new TV Show that I taped back in late August is called UFOS: The Hidden Evidence. It will air on the American Heroes Channel on January 24th, 2017  so please check your local listings. And now on to another topic that is near and dear to me, diversity and inclusion. I will be working as an adjunct professor for Western Carolina University beginning tomorrow, January 10, 2017, teaching cross cultural counseling to grad students who are going into the counseling field. So far, this is for the Spring semester only, from January until early May. I’m looking forward to it! Wishing all an amazing 2017!!!

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Wonderful Show Last Evening

Last night, October 9, 2016, I appeared on the radio show, Beyond The Strange with show host Dave Cruz. What a delightful conversation we had about UFOs, religion, and life in general.  Dave is truly a class act and was very gracious with my coughing occassionally because its allergy season for me here in N.C. Thank you all who listened in and tweeted me as well. I really felt welcomed. The show can be heard at:



Keep Looking Up! Peace and Richest Blessings,


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New UFO TV Series

I just arrived back home after shooting 4-6 episodes of a new tv series called, UFOs: The Lost Evidence. The show is scheduled to air sometime in mid January on the American Heroes Channel ( formally the Military Channel). The crew was wonderful and very professional as my episodes were shot in Austin, Texas. From what I saw of it, it’s a quite nice place to visit. Stay tuned and thanks again to all for your support.

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Check Out My New Author Page on Amazon

All of my books are here, in one place. Available in Kindle and print forms.


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Phoenix MUFON

I had a wonderful time this past weekend ( July 15th, 16th, and 17th) speaking to the MUFON Phoenix Group in Arizona. Jim Mann, Stacey Wright, Chris Loomis, and a host of others really made the trip worthwhile. My presentation was well received and we all enjoyed the fellowship and a good meal afterwards. I am eternally grateful. I’m beginning to enjoy the desert!

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Moving Forward After A Violent Summer

The first night of the Republican Convention is over I write this and who knows what lies ahead. Whatever it is, it will no doubt be interesting.  These are times of change and at times heart wrenching events have made this a summer to remember for quite awhile, if not forever for us as citizens of this country.
We have witnessed the anger, grief, horror, sadness, and despair at the level of violence in this country between its citizens of color and law enforcement, not to mention the violence occurring in other parts of the world. As we struggle to digest, process, and come to terms with what is occurring, the most natural question that arises is—What can we do? What can I do? How do we address the broken places in our culture and institutions. At times it appears that the center simply cannot hold. How can we collectively and individually contribute in a healing and beneficial way to the deeper and more authentic actions and conversations that are needed to begin to bridge the agonizing divides in our communities, our nation, and our world?
Our 7 Principles guide us and encourage us to to discover and embrace the truth within ourselves—to look honestly at our own shadow side as well as to embrace the light of love that resides within each and everyone of us. In this way we seek to raise our frequencies if you will, and to encourage others to do the same. We seek to create a chain reaction of compassion, empathy, safe spaces, and genuine, authentic community. Violence, hatred, racism, demonizing and blaming the other, and the fear that motivates all of these things, have no place in the world we envision and work towards on a daily basis. It is non-violence or non-existence for all of us on this planet. The threat is so very real now. We need to keep focusing on the world we want to create and realize that a new world is being born and the birth pangs that accompany this new world must occur. Growth at times means pain. We also need to have the courage to recognize, name, and to stand against these forces that are afraid of the future, both within ourselves and in the institutions and systems I our public life. We need to do this together.
Here are just a few suggestions of what we can commit to:
* Educate ourselves about the structures and dynamics of privilege; about the ways in which both overt and implicit racism and bias continue to permeate our society, and about the ways we consciously or unconsciously participate in maintaining these structures and dynamics.
*Become more vigilant about our own tendencies  to turn those with whom we disagree with into the “other,” or to make sweeping negative generalizations about entire groups of people, and interrupting those tendencies every time we do notice them.
* Engage in a deeper conversation, especially with people we may see as different from ourselves—having the humility and the courage to inquire about, listen to, and care about their experiences and to share our own—seeking to discover and to lift up our shared humanity rather than to debate and to justify the “rightness” of our position.
* Maintaining a spiritual practice to reinforce and strengthen our resilience, and our connection to each other and ourselves and to keep this connection grounded in love.
* Be committed to serving and blessing others through our prayers and meditations, through our contemplations and inner compassion practices as well as through our engaging in outer actions in support of justice and peace.
May all of us, treat others and ourselves with loving kindness. Let us be gentle with ourselves during this time. May we be as aware of our own prejudices and judgments as much as we are aware of those of others. May we provide and be a safe space for others and may we acknowledge and understand our humanity, our fear, and use this knowledge of ourselves to create a better world—together.
May we always honor the inherent worth and dignity that resides within all of us.
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Orlando and Beyond: Keep Your Heart Open

As I write this column our nation is reeling from the senseless act of domestic terrorism that happened inside a night club in Orlando, Florida on Sunday, June 12th, 2016. When the dust settled, forty nine people were dead and fifty three  were wounded. After weeping for the loss of life in private, there was a part of me that had to acknowledge that this happens everyday in some nations across the globe and now we too get a taste of what others experience.  I felt this way after witnessing the events of September 11, when I was living in NY. This does not make it right by any means, but it does once again show just how small our planet is and how we are all a part of the interdependent web of life which our 7th principle affirms. In other words, what I do to my brother or sister I do too myself.
Having said this,  keep in mind that there will be those who will attempt to exploit the event and the vulnerable communities that are LGBTQ and Muslim. Resist this temptation at all costs! Do not let the fear and anger consume you. Keep your heart open for it matters not how many doors close against you as long as your heart is open. Listen with more intent to your neighbor or family member in the days ahead.  Cultivate compassion. Soak up the sun just a bit more and really see what nature has to offer us in this beautiful part of the country that we live in. Show gratitude for what we have, because tomorrow is never promised to any of us. Death smiles at each and every one of us and all we can do is smile back.
And in your grief, remember that life goes not backwards but forwards. There will always be those forces who want to hold on to some illusion of yesterday. These individuals see a world that is changing and they are full of fear for their vision, (whether it be just an illusion or not) is gradually drifting away. They will fight ruthlessly  and mercilessly for their version of reality of how they believe the world should be. For those of us who want a more peaceful and equitable co-existence with our planet and each other, it stands to reason that we too must fight as well, perhaps with a bit more mercy and compassion, for  our vision of what we think the planet should look like as well. For life does indeed go on, but tragedy’s like this wake us up to the preciousness and the fragility of our lives, so that we may live the remainder of our days in deep appreciation and in gratitude.
We are in a strange season of pain in our nation and on the planet. The bottom cannot hold for a new world is being born and these birth pangs must occur. We struggle as human beings to make sense of it all. But just as the earth has her seasons, so we too have our personal seasons,the Seasons of the Self. Writer Max Coots reminds us:
If there is any sense to seasons it is this:
That time is timeless and time is life.
Not Spring nor Summer, not even Fall is gone.
Each will be what it becomes, as Winter will be Spring.
      — Max Coots  (Seasons Of The Self)
So, Hang in there. Don’t forget to breathe. Keep your heart open. Walk in Balance!
Hang in there
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