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Michael has appeared on the Sci-Fi Channel Television Documentary, Abduction Diaries, which was the precursor to Steven Spielberg’s television series, Taken. Michael can also be seen on The History Channel ‘s television series, Ancient Aliens. The segment in which he appears is entitled, Angels and Aliens. Michael talks about his book and his theories on the Bible and UFOs.

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Alien Scriptures: Extraterrestrials In The Holy Bible”. The book explores the thesis that the Bible is a book about humankind and it’s contact with beings from other worlds and what that would mean for monotheisitc religions on our planet. Were the early Jews and Christians describing contacts with extraterrestrial beings?
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Reverand Carter

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Abduction Diaries, Spielberg

Ancient Aliens, Season 2, Episode 7, “Angels and Aliens”

From Ancient Aliens Series

James Swagger radio show


Dalai Lama on ET Contact


7 Responses to Alien Scriptures

  1. Smog says:

    What do you say angels are? I was caught by angels once. I was waiting to go into a job interview at Disneyland, when I got some really bad menstrual cramps. I went to the bathroom which was across from the guard shack to the employees parking lot. The bathroom was small about 5’x8′. There was a lady in the stall so I leaned with my butt against the sink. Then I fainted but I wasn’t totally unconscious. I was like 3/4 blacked out. I fell forward and hit my head against the in-wall metal towel dispenser. I then fell back, and felt two hands on my back. I heard a voice, which was the voice of the angel with his hands on my back telling the second angel to grab my head and angle it so it wouldn’t hit the sink and I was lowered into the corner by the door. While still sorta blacked out I could see the angels 1/2 materialized in the wall. They had sandals on and were wearing white robes. I couldn’t see their faces but they were around 6′ tall. And no they didn’t have wings. The lady in the stall got someone and I was taken to the nurses station where I received care. I had a lump on my forehead but nothing on the back of my head. When I had doubts I looked back on this episode and it reminded me that before I was born-again, God loved me enough to reach out to save me from getting my brains bashed in.

  2. I say angels are “messengers”

  3. Paul Turner says:

    Hello rev. Michael I seen a program about aliens and you were on it, can you send me a little literature to sort of show me what you are understanding between aliens and religions. I’m a am practicing Christianity but I may be missing something since the bible has been written over and over again.
    There has been so many books withheld from the King James version which is unfair to the reader. Open my horizons if you please, thankyou.

  4. Just to amazon and type in UFOs and the Bible and many books will come up. Read the Book of Enoch, Ezekiel. Read my book , Alien Scriptures. Just go to amazon and browse. Enjoy. Thanks for reaching out.


  5. Kathy E Coke says:

    Hello Sir. Praying all is well. My nieces and I were I once rescued by Angel’s. I want to tell the story, but don’t want it to continue to fall on deaf ears. Any suggestions? Also, I appreciate your contributions to Aincient Aliens. Thank you.

  6. Hello Kathy Coke,
    I would suggest you practicing discernment obviously regarding who you share the info with. I would suggest you speak to Rey Hernandez at FREE. Foundation For the Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters. His email is:
    He may be of help. Good luck on the journey.


  7. Please pick up my book Alien Scriptures on Amazon.

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