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What’s In a Name?

Perhaps the small town of Kewaunee, Wisconsin can answer the above query. A town of only 2,745 people have decided to change the name of the local High School Football Team. Under a new state law whose purpose is to … Continue reading

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Medicine and Race

The U.S. has apologized for yet another complicity in what can only be termed as a racist medical experiement. American scientists deliberately infected prisoners and patients in a mental hospital in Guatemala with syphylis 60 years ago.  The time period … Continue reading

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Star Crossed Lovers?

It can be said that after money, America’s other obsessions are race and sex, and not necessarily in that order. Mr. Jermaine Glover, 37 years young, now faces a first degree murder charge in the death of Ms. Misty Lynn … Continue reading

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Shelter From The Storms Of Life

“Foxes have holes and the birds of the air have nests; but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head”.  So goes the story as told by Matthew in the first gospel (Mt.8:20), and it is repeated again … Continue reading

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A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

While watching CNN last week I viewed a segment on the derth of African American Teachers in our public  schools. The segment also featured a segment on how to educate African American Males.  Immediately the words of African American Intellectual … Continue reading

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Now That’s Using Your Head

Kudos to the Buncombe County School System for its innovative methods to reach and to educate our children this year. Some Asheville students at Randolph Learning Center will not only be attending single gender classes this year, they may also … Continue reading

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Is History Repeating Itself In Arizona

Is History Repeating Itself In Arizona? The number of legal visitors entering Arizona from Mexico has plumeted since the controversy of increased enforcement of state immigration laws. Ever since Arizona Republican Gov. Jan Brewer signed the immigration enforcement law in … Continue reading

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Endless war should mean end to DADT

Michael Carter OPINION The initiative to lift the ban on gays serving openly in the military has survived another skirmish in the House and is now moving in the Senate. Now the real battle begins. I must admit that I … Continue reading

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The “Sins” of the Fathers

I wanted to respond to the wonderful article in the Sunday, June 20th Father’s Day issue of the ACT.  The article was written by Rick Jervis and it told the story of inmates reuniting with their children in Angola, Louisiana. … Continue reading

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The Results of Internalized Oppression

A colleague of mine notified me about what is happening in Cincinnati regarding the violence in the city’s urban communities. In many ways the issue is an old one, yet I would like to give my opinion on it nonetheless, … Continue reading

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