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Apple products have the flair of nonpareil and class when it comes to using iPhones, iPads or Macs. With a reputation of being quick, clean and precise, iOS is not impregnable and is known for its uniformity and consistency in the interface. The present-day generation of iOS devices come well equipped with robust security measures to allow data backup and storage like the iCloud drive. It is one of the most reliable roofs to get all your data, files, documents protected and kept safely away from threats and worries of losing up in case your iOS device gets lost, damaged or broken.

While the process of accessing iCloud drive could appear daunting to novice apple users, we make the task easy by bringing the most comprehensive guide made easy that will answer the trickiest queries catering to use of the iCloud drive. Let us begin our enchiridion here!!

Making use of iCloud Drive

While using the iCloud drive for desktop and documents is not so easy, it would be better to go for automatic sync option that can be configured in settings. Files that fail to sync successfully are notified via diagonal slash which is referred to as data files. One of the best parts with using iCloud drive is the flexibility of setting it at up while making use of multiple Apple devices like iPad or iPhone.

Choosing a storage plan

While iCloud drive provides a room of features to store your personal data to the virtual storage platform over the web, there is a space restriction. Every Apple user who logins into the iCloud has access to 5 GB of initial storage available for free!  The requirement of additional space will make you pay for the plans available, while the plan starts with the minimal price of $0.99 monthly, they can also be downgraded as per need. So what plan works for you is an important question to ponder!

Offering five subscription plans, iCloud provides ample of choice on how they want to manage their storage. Remember, the space allotted to you will comprise of the data from all the Apple devices you have been using simultaneously be it iPhones, iPad or Macs.

  • Initial 5 GB available for free to every apple user
  • 50 GB-$0.99/monthly
  • 200GB – $2.99 /monthly
  • 1TB – $9.99 /monthly
  • 2TB – $19.99 /monthly

The Decision-Which plan should I go for?

It would be better to answer some questions that could help you in analyzing your need well and then making an informed decision.

  • Have backups made you run out of space within iCloud?
  • How frequently you use iCloud to store your files and data. Are alternative options for Google drive, dropbox available?
  • Are backups already making you run out of iCloud storage space?
  • How frequently are you using the Drive document and desktop feature to sync files from Mac or Mac OS sierra?

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