Orlando and Beyond: Keep Your Heart Open

As I write this column our nation is reeling from the senseless act of domestic terrorism that happened inside a night club in Orlando, Florida on Sunday, June 12th, 2016. When the dust settled, forty nine people were dead and fifty three  were wounded. After weeping for the loss of life in private, there was a part of me that had to acknowledge that this happens everyday in some nations across the globe and now we too get a taste of what others experience.  I felt this way after witnessing the events of September 11, when I was living in NY. This does not make it right by any means, but it does once again show just how small our planet is and how we are all a part of the interdependent web of life which our 7th principle affirms. In other words, what I do to my brother or sister I do too myself.
Having said this,  keep in mind that there will be those who will attempt to exploit the event and the vulnerable communities that are LGBTQ and Muslim. Resist this temptation at all costs! Do not let the fear and anger consume you. Keep your heart open for it matters not how many doors close against you as long as your heart is open. Listen with more intent to your neighbor or family member in the days ahead.  Cultivate compassion. Soak up the sun just a bit more and really see what nature has to offer us in this beautiful part of the country that we live in. Show gratitude for what we have, because tomorrow is never promised to any of us. Death smiles at each and every one of us and all we can do is smile back.
And in your grief, remember that life goes not backwards but forwards. There will always be those forces who want to hold on to some illusion of yesterday. These individuals see a world that is changing and they are full of fear for their vision, (whether it be just an illusion or not) is gradually drifting away. They will fight ruthlessly  and mercilessly for their version of reality of how they believe the world should be. For those of us who want a more peaceful and equitable co-existence with our planet and each other, it stands to reason that we too must fight as well, perhaps with a bit more mercy and compassion, for  our vision of what we think the planet should look like as well. For life does indeed go on, but tragedy’s like this wake us up to the preciousness and the fragility of our lives, so that we may live the remainder of our days in deep appreciation and in gratitude.
We are in a strange season of pain in our nation and on the planet. The bottom cannot hold for a new world is being born and these birth pangs must occur. We struggle as human beings to make sense of it all. But just as the earth has her seasons, so we too have our personal seasons,the Seasons of the Self. Writer Max Coots reminds us:
If there is any sense to seasons it is this:
That time is timeless and time is life.
Not Spring nor Summer, not even Fall is gone.
Each will be what it becomes, as Winter will be Spring.
      — Max Coots  (Seasons Of The Self)
So, Hang in there. Don’t forget to breathe. Keep your heart open. Walk in Balance!
Hang in there

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I am an ordained Interfaith Minister currently serving The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Swannanoa Valley, in Black Mountain, NC.The New Thought Movement and metaphysics is my first love and this is how I attempt to live my life, as the vibrant, loving, abundant, creative individual that I was meant to be. Certain mystical experiences have influenced my perspective about life here on planet earth, and these events are included in a book that I have written that was originally my Masters Thesis while attending seminary in New York City. The book is entitled, Alien Scriptures: Extraterrestrials in the Holy Bible. The book has quite a following and has earned me frequent appearances on the History Channel's hit televison show, Ancient Aliens. I am also a professional Diversity Consultant and Anti-Racism Trainer, recognized by President Clinton for my efforts. Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and for purchasing my book. Peace and richest blessings to you and yours!
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2 Responses to Orlando and Beyond: Keep Your Heart Open

  1. Juanita Marvuglio says:

    Dear Michael,
    Checked you out online and have been reading with fascination how well your career has progressed from the early days in NYC, where we both attended classes at the New Seminary. Well, you certainly have come a long way and I just wanted to wish you continued success in all of your endeavors. Don’t know if you remember me, but I commuted to class each Saturday and was staying with my mom at her place on 74th Street in Manhattan. You picked me up there on the morning of our first retreat after having completed 1st year of seminary. So good to have run across your website.

  2. Juanita,
    I do remember you! How are you? My email is michaeljscarter@gmail.com
    Write me. Its so good to hear from you.


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