Beyond Belief

I just returned from a wonderful trip to Boulder, Colorado to tape two 30 minute segments of George Noory’s TV show “Beyond Belief.” The show appears on Gaiam Television. I don’t get to travel out west often and the Rockies and the surrounding areas were absolutely beautiful. I landed at the Denver airport where a car was waiting to take to the Boulderado Hotel, which was a roughly 35 minute drive to Boulder.
The Hotel was very nice and the people friendly.

After doing a bit of shopping for Judy and Kevyn, we taped the show on a Sunday and I ran into the multi-talented radio host, Heidi Hollis, who was gracious enough to have had me appear on her show last year and was also on the set to tape a TV segment as well, unbeknownst to me. What a pleasant surprise. I also happened to have had a radio interview schedule for Tuesday, April 1 when I arrived back home. My publicist, Mark Eddy, had set this interview up for me last winter in December of 2013. Well, the wonderfully talented psychic and talk radio host, Solaris BlueRaven, happened to live near the hotel I was staying in and we got together for a wonderful conversation as well. I really believe it helped the interview on Tuesday evening because we met over the weekend and had a blast along with Heidi over a bite to eat. There was an ease and flow
to the 2 hour interview that may not have existed had we not met before hand,but who knows? Anyway, it was great fun.
It was fun to also get away for awhile and to see a beautiful part of this great land of ours. We could not have planned this any better if we had done it intentionally. A good time was had by all and yet more proof ( as if more proof were needed) that there is intelligent life in the cosmos.

A special thank you to Mr. George Noory who started me on this journey in the first place. Mr. Noory invited me on the TV show after I appeared on his radio show a week or so ago. However, it was not to be for another 6 months to a year as they book that far in advance, unless of course a guest happens to cancel. Well, someone did cancel and within a week of my appearance on his radio show, I was invited to appear on his TV show. Fancy that.
Again, I would like to thank all who have been so supportive of me and my work during this hectic and exciting time. Thank you for purchasing my book and following my radio appearances. Blessings to you all and keep looking up!


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I am an ordained Interfaith Minister currently serving The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Swannanoa Valley, in Black Mountain, NC.The New Thought Movement and metaphysics is my first love and this is how I attempt to live my life, as the vibrant, loving, abundant, creative individual that I was meant to be. Certain mystical experiences have influenced my perspective about life here on planet earth, and these events are included in a book that I have written that was originally my Masters Thesis while attending seminary in New York City. The book is entitled, Alien Scriptures: Extraterrestrials in the Holy Bible. The book has quite a following and has earned me frequent appearances on the History Channel's hit televison show, Ancient Aliens. I am also a professional Diversity Consultant and Anti-Racism Trainer, recognized by President Clinton for my efforts. Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and for purchasing my book. Peace and richest blessings to you and yours!
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