Extraterestrial Healing & Independence Day, July 4th, 2013

Its been awhile since my last posting and its been a helluva 18 month journey. I had lost my job at a hospital here in the Mountains of Western, N.C. in March of 2012. My mom had stage 3 colon cancer last Fall, only after being diagnosed with breast cancer during the spring of the same year, 2012. She is cancer free as of this writing.
My dad died in January of 2013 after an 8 year bout with pancreatic cancer. Unheard of. Not dying from pancreatic cancer, but living that long with it. He had what is known as a “whipple surgery,” which if done in time, can actually prolong the patient’s life, along with the quality of that life–IF CAUGHT IN TIME!!!
My dad was fortunate. He was still driving around in his car and engaged in life until the last 3 months or so before he died. His mental attitude was crucial to his surviving that long as well, for my dad was not a particularly religious person. Never was. He and I had no unfinished business together and so we had a wonderful relationship throughout our journey together.
I know this is beginning to sound like an old blues tune or country western song, but then my wife and I split up. I move out on Good Friday, with all of the symbolism the day conjures up. Yes, we now are talking about reconciling and I really want this to happen, but the stress of travelling to NY to bury my dad, knowing that when I returned to the South I was moving out of the house we had lived in for 8 years, well….
Not to mention that I am still attempting to find a publisher for my book, Amazon is still stressing me, man, all of this was just sooooooooooo frustrating to say the least.
So what happened next? I developed a blood clot in my left leg ( I say it was stress induced as I have no history of clotting and neither does anyone in my family) that was as long as the leg itself.
I didn’t know the symptoms except that it was extremely painful. I thought I had pulled a muscle of something. Deep Vein Thrombosis is the medical term for it and it usually occurs after surgery of some sort. I have not had surgery of any sort. I had not travelled on an airplane for over 3 hours or driven long distances at the time of diagnosis. Nothing.
Anyway, I am on Coumadin until the third week in September which will be 6 months.
Needless to say, if a piece of this clot had broken off and travelled to my lung, heart, or what is left of my brain, my day would have been ruined. And yet in hindsight it came at just the right time. First of all, I never really felt that it was my time to die, but that may have been my delusional self telling me that I was somehow unique or special and death surely knew who I was and that it was not good to mess with me.
But I did not really feel that it was my time yet. I really felt watched over. Someone needed to get my attention.
Nevertheless, the timing was right because up until that time I was arguing and angry with my wife for wanting to separate from me. We have a daughter and I felt that there were other ways to work things out.
I won’t get into the details and this is not the way I would have handled the situation, but honestly, I must say that the space has done me some good, and she says it has helped her as well. We date often and vacationed together this summer and it has given me fresh eyes. I cannot speak for her but I would say that she would agree to an extent. And why not? She started this mess….( smile).
We do love each other and the blood clot made me realize that either we get it together or we will lose each other, and I simply don’t want that to happen.
In the meantime, our daughter thinks we’re really not separated because she always sees us together so things are working out.
But back to the story. My legs are really ostrich like in shape and size, and when I had the clot, my left leg was the size of LeBron James’ leg. It was heavily swollen and it really, really, hurt. The docs had me injecting myself for 10 days in my abdomen with a blood thinner called enoxoparin before prescribing the Coumadin. That was fun. Sticking a spike into my stomach twice a day, waiting for the clots to dissolve. I highly recommend it. Eventually, one runs out of places to inject oneself but don’t let that stop you. Especially, if you have nothing else to live for. Just joking, and the drugs did save my life but the swelling was slow to go down. In fact it never really did subside completely and then the docs said that if the swelling did go down in six months that I may have permanent damage to my veins and that I would just have to live with it. Nice.
My wife said I had “muffin legs.” It looked as if I was holding fluid or something in my right leg.
And then it happened! Let me say on the outset that I have not had a visit from my friends for several years that I can recall. I’m not talking about visits in the dream state, but a face to face meeting.
On July 4th, at 9:49 pm I had my visit. It had been a rainy day and the fireworks that my wife and daughter like to see were cancelled that evening, and so I left them and when home. I live only 20 minutes away in my small but cozy apartment.
I was listening to the thunder and lying on my stomach. I recall thinking that this is what my friends who served in Vietnam must have tried to sleep through as it really sounded to me like a war zone outside.
Then all was eriely quiet and I heard my cell phone beep, which was a weird sound that I had not heard it make before. Suddenly, I felt this electrical energy in the back of my head and torso. There were three or four of what I can only recall as “zapping sounds,’ zzzzzp, zzzzzzzp, zzzzzzzzp, zzzzzzzzzp, and when I turned over a little person with and oversized skull just vanished as if the molecules of his/her body dissolved!!!
This is how they began their visits with me years before. I immediately noted the time ( 9:49 pm) and called my contactee support group leader in New York—no answer. I then called a friend who used to be in the support group with me and she talked to me for an hour or so. I had so much energy I thought I could fly.
The next day, I looked at my leg and the swelling had gone and my leg was healed! I showed my wife and daughter and they witnessed it as well. My right legged looked as if the veins had been somehow reworked and wrapped around my angle, shin, and leg up to the knee. Beautiful work! I thanked my ET friends and I am so very grateful.
The only problem was that when I visited my doctors for my blood work, they could not understand why my blood levels had dropped with the blood thinner. That was there main concern, not the healing of the leg and of course I am not telling them anything, unless of course they read this blog. My last two blood work ups have not been satisfactory for them.
The result is that they have raised my dosage until we meet again on the 5th of August. I really don’t blame them. They do what they do and they want me to recover. Yes, I’ll have to muddle through with these meds until early Fall but I’ll be fine. But what a wonderful gift on Independence Day no less, and I consider it a wonderful birthday present as well. I was born on July 9th.
It may not be what Marvin Gaye had in mind, but for me, ET healing can be just as good!

Peace to all,

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