Star Crossed Lovers?

It can be said that after money, America’s other obsessions are race and sex, and not necessarily in that

order. Mr. Jermaine Glover, 37 years young, now faces a first degree murder charge in the death of Ms. Misty Lynn Carter. Ms. Carter’s corpse was found October 19, 2009 near the Parkway in Buncombe County.  Glover is African American. Carter is white. The conversations I overheard and participated in run the gamut. Some African Americans I encountered expressed that they had hoped it wasn’t one of “us” who killed Misty Lynn Carter, to “he shouldn’t have been runnin’ ‘round with that white girl anyhow”. Less sensitive comments included phrases such as Jungle Fever, or he was only after one

Comments from whites I know ran along the lines of, “she should have known better to mess with those people” to “you know how they are”. Another comment went along the lines of, “what were her parents thinking? I would never had tolerated that kind of relationship”. Don’t get me wrong here. This was nothing like the O.J.Simpson trial. Mr. Glover is hardly a celebrity or high profile individual, neither is Ms. Carter for that matter. They are simply two human beings caught up in extremely tragic circumstances. My heart goes out to the Carter family as I can know first hand (as an older sibling, not as a parent) what it’s like to have a loved one murdered. That kind of wound never really heals. I feel for Mr. Glover and his family as well as his life and those of his family will never be the same regardless of whether he is found innocent or guilty.

Mr. Glover must bear the cross of being considered hyper-sexual and violent, a stereotype that most men of color in our society must bear. Ms. Misty Lynn Carter, even in death, is having her and her parents character scrutinized and under suspicion for having dared to be in relationship with “the other.” Some of the tongue wagging I overheard was registered as a conspiratorial whisper and some statements were boldly stated with all of the self righteousness one can muster.  William Faulkner’s statement about the past never really being past comes to mind.

Certainly, justice must be served and the guilty party or parties must be punished. Yet right now both these families need our thoughts and prayers. Race and sex can wait!

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