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Faith Without Work(s) Is dead

First of all I want to state at the beginning that I am a man color who identifies as an African American  (with the additional bloodlines of Cherokee and British) raised on the east coast, in a predominantly urban environment, … Continue reading

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Education or Indoctrination?

The Texas State Board of Education adopted a history and social studies curriculum that significantly waters down the history of religious freedom in this country, the civil rights movements, as well as the influence of the United Nations in this … Continue reading

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The Game of Life

Kudos to NBA Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul Jabbar for proposing that the NBA should raise its minimum age for entry into the league to 21 years young! Jababar, now 63, had led the Los Angeles Lakers to (count them) … Continue reading

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“The Don’t Ask , Don’t Tell Bill”

The initiative to lift the ban on gays serving openly in the military has survived another skirmish in the House and will now move on to the Senate. Now the real battle begins. I must admit that I really don’t … Continue reading

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Signs (and Symbols) Of The Times

We live in a time where a by the name of Tiger Woods, who identifies as multiracial is the dominant player in a sport which has been traditionally dominated by white men. We live in a time where two sisters … Continue reading

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