Will The Empire Strike Back?

Let me state from the beginning that I am in no way advocating a military solution to dealing with North Korea. What I am advocating for is a consistency in our foreign policy. Perhaps we are reluctant to respond to the reckless belligerence of Kim-Jong iL because there is no natural resource there that we covet or need. Perhaps fighting the Korean War to a draw and the debacle of Vietnam still haunts us as a nation and we are reluctant to admit this . After all we were warned about committing American ground troops in a ground war (or any war) in Asia by American Ceasar General George MacArthur back in the 1950’s. Today, like the Roman Empire of history our troops are spread across the globe far and wide (not to mention stretched to the breaking point) to defend “our interest and way of life”.

Yet North Korea boldly declares that they have nuclear weapons and will use them at the slightest perceived provocation and “ne’re a dog barks” as they say. Well, we do bark but that is all. Yet with countries like Iraq and Afghanistan we invade them like Grant went through Richmond. Why the inconsistency? Surely this is noted by America’s friends and foes alike. Is North Korea still included in the so called “anxis of evil” declared by former President Bush? Do the words, Regime Change ring a bell? It should as that was the talk in Washington during the Bush years. We can police the whole planet. Osama is crazy, Saddam was a beast, Chirac is anti-American, and Kim-Jong iL is Dr. Evil.  Those things may or may not have been true but regime change is easier said then done.

To be clear, there are 23 million human beings who live in the North with huge piles of biological and chemical weapons along with their nukes. We have so far been able to deter them with our own arsenal. There is really nothing we can do short of an all out war which would destroy Northeast Asia, cause untold needless deaths, and demolish the Obama administration. The North Korean people suffer as well under the madness of Kim –Jong iL.

There are rumors that Kim is in failing health. Healthy or not something must be done. A hesitant Washington must decide, as well as an unstable dictator in P’yongyang.

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