Education or Indoctrination?

The Texas State Board of Education adopted a history and social studies curriculum that significantly waters down the history of religious freedom in this country, the civil rights movements, as well as the influence of the United Nations in this country.  Because of this “textbook debate” (The state of Texas orders the most books because they have the largest school system in the country), my daughter will have to be indoctrinated with this watered down history of these United States. However, she will not be alone.  Another 4.8  million students will also be indoctrinated in the next 10 years or so.

The Texas State Board has decided that the separation of church and state is not explicitly listed in the Constitution so there is no rationale for doing so. Also rejected are the more contemporary  historical classifications B.C.E. (before the common era) and C.E. (common era). Students are also encouraged to analyze efforts by global organizations such as the United Nations to allegedly undermine United States hegemony. But wait! Requirements also include stressing the Judeo-Christian influences of the nation’s founders and that it be required that the US government  be referred to as a “constitutional republic” as opposed to being “democratic”. On this point they may be quite accurate as there is nothing democratic about what is going on in their school system.

Whatever happened to critical thinking? Is there is no room for this in a “constitutional republic”.  Politicians designing curriculum. Now there’s a thought! Yes, we’ve all heard the arguments regarding history needing to be written by historians instead of activists. Yet even President Obama’s full name, Barack Hussein Obama, was not written in one of the books. He is simply referred to as “the first black president”.  Apparently, his middle name is still offensive to some in this country, those who claim to, “want their country back”, whatever that means. That topic will require another article as another time.

However, make no mistake. This is extremely disconcerting!

What is certainly going on here is that as these ideological culture wars are being waged our children are the ones who will suffer. They will be among the first casualties of this nonsense. The last plantation is the human mind and that is what is at stake here. The education of our young people. However, in any war fought the first casualty is always the truth.

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