Reiki Treatments

Rev. Michael Carter is a certified Reiki Master, trained in the Usui, Karunaki, and Medicine Buddha traditions.

Reiki is a Universal Energy Science that promotes health, wholeness, and positive well being. A relaxed mind promotes a healthy body. Reiki is an ancient science of universal energy which promotes from withing the qualities of love, caring, self actualizing, compassion, trust, serenity, and peace.
How Can I Use It?
* To relieve tension and stress
* To boost stamina and increase your sense of well being.
* To ease pain
* To improve memory and eliminate “mental static”.
* To increase awareness on all levels.
* To maintain access to your intuition and creativity.
* To faciliate on a daily basis growth, development and integration of the whole body-mind-spirit dynamic.
* The purpose of a session is to balance and align all energy levels of the body.
These sessions of approximately one hour give a direct experience of the interaction of universal energy with your human energy system. The person experiencing a session lies fully clothed on a body work table, while a Reiki Practioner gently places hands on or just above the 12 areas of the body corresponding with the endocrine and chakra systems. The purpose of a session is to balance and align all energy levels with the level of wholeness and vitality at the heart of all life.
Free Consultation
You may email Michael to set up an appointment for a free, no obligation consultation. Michael will personally explain the benefits of this marvelous therapeutic technique, and you can decide for yourself what specific benefits are in it for you.
Dear Rev. Michael,
All I can say is “AWESOME”.  I came to you experiencing chronic pain due to post stroke syndrome, herniated disks in the lower back and neck, neuropathy in both feet and legs, adhesive capsulitis of the left shoulder and depression.  After only three “Reiki” sessions with you, the depression has lifted, the pain greatly diminished and I have full range of motion of the left shoulder and a definite increase of normal sensation in my feet and legs. I no longer need to use a walker.      
I have been treated by medical professionals and numerous “energy healers” including Reiki practitioners over the years and have never experienced such wonderful results.  I really believe that your healing ability comes from an other worldly source.  It definitely doesn’t feel like any kind of Reiki or “energy healing” I have received in the past.
God Bless You!  You truly are a gifted healer. -Rose Marie Starr

2 Responses to Reiki Treatments

  1. Dot Schaefer says:

    I’ve had computer problems – had to get a new one and old emails are gone. Would love to have your email on file again. Please forward.
    There’s so much going on now, huh? Have you heard from or about Cynthia C.? I still haven’t been able to contact her and I heard about an amazing cancer healing “mattress”, so would like to share it with her. I’ve talked with several who have used it, and it sounds amazing.
    Continue to be outstanding….love and hugs, Dot

  2. HI Dot,
    Great hearing from you. I have not heard from Cynthia of late and trust that Life is progressing as it should. Hope you are well. Be at peace.


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